Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Eve @ Mercy Church

I would like to personally invite you to one of our two *Christmas Eve services at Mercy Church this year being held on Wednesday, December 24 at 7pm and 9pm


7457 Cherokee Dr.
Prairie Village, KS 66208

(Northwest corner of 75th and Belinder Ave)

7:00 pm - Communion Christmas Eve

In our 7:00 pm service we will be taking Communion during the service as a part of the worship. We have what is referred to as an "Open Communion" which means you do not need to be a member at Mercy Church to take communion. Of course you are not required to take communion. This is also the service we will be offering a program for the children in a separate area from adults. 

9:00 pm - Candlelight Christmas Eve

Our 9:00 pm service will be the classic Candlelight service. We can not guarantee everyone will get their own personal candle, but each family will get one for sure. Everyone will be in the main sanctuary together for the entire service. There will be no childcare provided for this service.


We also would like to invite you to join us after each service in the Fellowship Hall for a time of great conversation with friends and family as well as enjoying great coffee and some snacks! 
Please feel free to BRING a favorite Christmas Snack to share!


No. There is no dress code at Mercy Church. That said, no speedos please, even if they are a Christmas themed! Ha ha! On a serious note, you will see people wearing suits, others in jeans and t-shirts, so just come as you wish.

*Both are services will be exactly the same except for the element of Communion and Candlelight.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Life Rarely Goes As Planned

I would imagine your life is much like mine; doesn't always go as I planned it. What the heck, it should know better! Ha ha! But I love that phrase, "With God there are no surprises!" So whatever it is in your life that isn't what you planned, my advise it roll with it. I always say, it is what it is and gripping, grumbling and complaining about it will not be beneficial or helpful in anyway shape or form. So chose happiness, smile big and do what you need to do. Life is way too short to be unhappy, and happiness is a choice and has very little to do with our circumstances.

I understand all the emotions we have when the thing we wanted to happen didn't, or the thing we didn't want to happen did, but we still have to make a choice on how we will behave moving forward. To me it's a sign of someone's emotional maturity to be able to take life as it comes, the good, the bad and the ugly, and maintain an optimistic happy faith filled attitude.

So whatever it is you are facing today, or what comes tomorrow just know this, 'it is what it is', so roll with it with faith and love and know and trust that God is right smack-dab in the middle of it with you! It's all good, because God makes it good! You got this!


Thursday, December 11, 2014


I am super stoked about Mercy Church's theme for 2015: IMAGINE MORE! So what does it mean, Imagine More? *Real quick, before you skip over this, the last paragraph is for you! Even if you do not attend Mercy ... so if that's you, skip down and read!

In 2015 at Mercy Church we are going to IMAGINE MORE ...

  • More people coming to CHRIST!
  • More people getting BAPTISED!
  • More people LIVING their faith boldly!
  • More people SHARING their faith freely.
  • More MARRIAGES restored!
  • More parents being BETTER parents!
  • More HELP for the broken.
  • More people being SET-FREE from addictions!
  • More people living GENEROUS lives!
  • More PRAYERS for the hurting!
  • More children coming to KNOW and LOVE God!
  • More people in our community HELPED and SERVED!
  • More, more more ... of whatever God wants in 2015!

Mercy Church has undergone some major internal changes in order to position ourselves for sustained growth. For example we have established an Elder Team of 7 Men and Women to help with the spiritual health of the church, and a Trustee Team of 3 to help with the business side of Mercy. We have also added a NEW person to our teaching team, Chris Nicolosi, he and his wife Heather will be joining us January 4, 2015 as our Discipleship Pastor. 

*Just for YOU! What are you imagining for your life moving forward? This is the best time of year to be thinking about that you know! Do you have the job you really want? Are you working the hours you really want? Is your marriage going like you want? Is your family going like you want? Is your life going like you want? Do you have the friends you really want? On and on we could go ... what in your life is what you want? What in your life is NOT what you want?

I realize we can't control everything in our lives, some things just are what they are and all we can do and should do is get the right (winning) attitude about it. But I think more is in our control than we want to admit! We just hate having to make changes, come on, am I right? I am right! We want to lose that weight, but we just don't want to start actually thinking about what we eat, or getting a gym membership, or, or or ... too much work we think. Well it's true, 'living the dream' does take some additional effort initially, but once you are flowing that way its the same amount of work.

Bottom line: I want to challenge you to IMAGINE MORE for your life in 2015! You deserve it! 


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hashtag #Advent2014

Each day this Advent, we're asking everyone to tweet and/or Instagram a photo based on the words below. Be sure to use the hashtag #AdventWord that goes along with the date!

November 30 #Look

December 1 #Remember

December 2 #Imagine

December 3 #Thrive

December 4 #Abide

December 5 #Notice

December 6 #Watch

December 7 #ShowUp

December 8 #Respond

December 9 #Encourage

December 10 #WakeUp

December 11 #Breathe

December 12 #Act

December 13 #Risk

December 14 #Expand

December 15 #Focus

December 16 #Experience

December 17 #Become

December 18 #Beauty

December 19 #Heal

December 20 #Thank

December 21 #Ask

December 22 #Relate

December 23 #Delight

December 24 #Love

December 25 #Receive

Monday, December 1, 2014

Advent 2014 - Week One


Sunday, November 30, 2014: Light the first candle on your wreath and read together the following meditation:

FIRST READER: This is the first Sunday in Advent. Today we light one purple candle. This is the candle of hope. Advent is a time of waiting and hoping. We wait for the day when we celebrate again the birth of Jesus. We hope that everyone will come to know God and to worship God.

(Light the first candle)

SECOND READER: When we look at the first candle we remember God's promise. God promised to send a Savior to the people. When we listen to our Scripture reading, we learn what the prophet Isaiah wrote about God. God fulfills the promises made to care for people. God is loving and just. God brings peace. This gives us hope. We look forward to the time when everything is fair, when the world is at peace, and all people are treated justly.

FIRST READER: Read Isaiah 2:1-5

DISCUSSION: This Scripture offers us the hope of God's kingdom where there is peace and has the wonderful sentence, "…let us walk in the light of the Lord!"

Who are the people in our world who need hope?
What are the hopes we have for our world today?
How do we help others know that God gives hope?

PRAYER: Dear God: Thank you for your son, Jesus. Thank you for the words of the Prophet Isaiah that remind us that you are the source of our hope. Help us to remember to walk in the light of the Lord. AMEN


Monday, December 1, 2014: Today read again Isaiah 2:1-5. Pick one verse and memorize it. How do you think this verse gives hope to people?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014: Is there someone you know who needs to hear words of hope? Make or select a card for that person and mail it today.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014: Hope is something we need in our world. Think about different leaders in the world. Select one world leader. Pray for that world leader today.

Thursday, December 4, 2014: As we get ready to celebrate again the birth of Jesus, we sometimes get very busy. Today, take a ten-minute break. Sit quietly. If it helps you to concentrate, look at your Advent wreath. Pray, asking God's help to bring quiet and calm to a busy world.

Friday, December 5, 2014: Think about your family. Some may live with you. Others may be far away. Who in your family needs God's hope? Pray for this family member today.

Saturday, December 6, 2014: There are people in our neighborhoods, in our church, and in our community who need to know of God's hope. Select someone to visit today. Visit by phone or in person. Go as a family or by yourself. It doesn't necessarily have to be a visit to a home. Maybe there is someone you always see at the library. Stop by today and talk with that person. Tell the person you visit one way he or she helps you feel hopeful.

Through the years I have posted DAILY Advent Readings, please just search for them here on my blog and apply the current date and use them. Thank you! 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

7 Things Every Marriage Needs

This is the most popular relationship talk that we have given at Mercy Church. It is what we have every couple we marry watch as a way to kick start them developing a wonderful relationship with each other. These are foundational characteristics from which most all the necessary charastics flow.

If you have been married 50 years, or 3 years ... these are worth looking at and making sure they are a part of your relationship! Watch and enjoy, and share with your friends!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Homeless People Matter - KSHB-TV 41

Thank you KSHB TV-41 for running our story!
Special Thanks to JiaoJiao Shen